escalator_500x200One of the most important needs in our lives is the ability to get from Point-A to Point-B.  Transportation of individuals and goods is accomplished by many types of travel – automobile, train, airplane, bus, and even rocket.

Each mode of travel requires facilities to house, service, and board the vehicles, goods and people associated with transportation.  RTM Engineering Consultants has working knowledge and experience with several types of transportation related facilities.

  1. Conducting a thorough survey

  2. Interviewing key facility staff

  3. Identifying major costs

  4. Providing accurate, reliable budgets

  5. Identifying scope creep

  6. Coordinating and mitigating impact of any required shutdown – identifying and planning for any loss of power or system is critical

  7. Adhering to code requirements

  8. Planning for the future

  9. Identifying and obtaining focus on energy or other utilities incentives