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Energy modeling is the virtual simulation of a building or facility that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy-related items such as air conditioning, lights and hot water.

By implementing energy modeling, we can evaluate the payback of green energy solutions like solar panels and photovoltaics, wind turbines and high-efficiency appliances.


  • Greatly simplify the design process and assist the design team in viewing the life cycle impacts of design changes while comparing various design schemes. This provides valuable data to reach energy saving goals for the building before construction even begins.
  • Gain a better understanding of a building’s energy performance to gauge which design or retrofit solutions are cost effective and also provide the best energy conservation options for the facility.
  • Predict energy consumption in advance to implement strategies for energy saving costs such as energy storage or increasing levels of insulation.
  • Provide energy savings quantification allowing for multiple design changes that exceed minimum energy codes resulting in building optimization.
  • Allow for precise HVAC equipment sizing and selection, greatly reducing first cost, operations and maintenance costs, and replacement costs.

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