City of Orlando Energy bEQ  | Orlando, FL

As part of the Mayor’s Green Works initiative to improve the energy consumption of buildings owned and operated by the city of Orlando, RTM is performing As Designed evaluations per ASHRAE’s Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program at numerous buildings throughout the city. Examples of buildings being assessed include fire stations, Leu Gardens, a senior center, Orlando Police training facilities, and Fleet and Facilities Management buildings.

To obtain the necessary ratings, RTM is surveying the buildings to verify as-built conditions and developing standardized energy models. A hallmark of the bEQ rating system is a commitment to indoor environmental quality (IEQ). In the assessment, occupant comfort is important, so savings in the form of reduced energy consumption are not to jeopardize air quality for occupants. RTM is accommodating IEQ by taking measurements of metrics, such as air temperature and relative humidity, throughout all of the buildings.

RTM is the only actively contracted firm in the nation who is providing As Designed ratings on such a large scale to create energy benchmarking models for comparing buildings independent of operational and occupancy variables. By analyzing the results with building owners, the team will determine if the buildings are achieving their full designed potential and, subsequently, which buildings require energy-efficient improvements.

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