Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) is a rating program based on ASHRAE methodologies and standards with direct focus on building energy consumption. It provides building owners with strategies for improving a building’s operational and financial performance while keeping the comfort of occupants top of mind.

The program consists of two assessments—As Designed and In Operation—that involve analyzing potential and actual energy uses of a building. The As Designed evaluation includes a standardized energy model that provides a fair comparison to the benchmark for a particular building type. Through the In Operation assessment, the building owner receives insights on how to improve energy systems; for example, small changes, such as reducing air leakage or tinting windows, can have a large effect on energy efficiency.


  • Gain an understanding of intended building performance to objectively compare different buildings and to understand if a building is achieving its full designed potential.
  • Recognize how a building consumes energy and the measures, including estimated costs and payback information, required to improve energy efficiency.
  • Discover new, unique, and cost effective investment routes to help save money.
  • Learn about the comfort level of building occupants and strategies for improvement to keep tenants satisfied.

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