When it comes to designing residential buildings, we have a wide breadth of experience. We’ve worked in urban and rural areas, high-rises and mid-rises, and specialty housing, such as green housing and low-income housing. RTM’s portfolio accounts for building multifamily residences from the ground up to residential rehab. We work with contractors to create a space that satisfies codes while delighting residents.

We also understand the unique challenges of designing for LEED and Energy Star certifications. Because their criteria differ from project to project, it is important for a firm to possess a comprehensive knowledge of the sustainability requirements to design the right systems and deliver a successful project.


  • Conducting a thorough survey
  • Interviewing key facility staff
  • Identifying major costs
  • Providing accurate, reliable budgets
  • Mitigating impact of any required shutdown or loss of power
  • Adhering to code requirements
  • Planning for the future
  • Identifying and obtaining focus on energy or other utilities incentives