In this fast-paced world, we are finding ourselves multi-tasking more and more in our day to day, mixing up our life, work, and play activities. To accommodate this trend, the mixed-use development is becoming increasingly essential, especially in major cities where space is at a premium. These buildings are designed with effective solutions to maximize areas for retail, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, residential, and even healthcare uses, all under one roof.

RTM’s thorough and diversified portfolio allows us to provide the right MEP/FP design for any type of area inside a mixed-use building. We design systems to keep all components fully integrated without compromising the quality of the adjacent space. Our team of experts design economical, energy-saving, and sustainable systems that fulfill the requirements of our mixed-use clients so their facilities operate efficiently while keeping occupants of each area satisfied.


  • Conducting a thorough survey
  • Interviewing key facility staff
  • Identifying major costs
  • Providing accurate, reliable budgets
  • Mitigating impact of any required shutdown or loss of power
  • Adhering to code requirements
  • Planning for the future
  • Identifying and obtaining focus on energy or other utilities incentives