What is an MEP / IT Test Fit?

A seamless integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and IT services that assists the tenant in selecting your site for their relocation by assessing the MEP / IT infrastructure and capabilities in relation to their current and future needs. We work with your property manager and the architect in setting the right budget for a successful client engagement.

Pre-Site Selection Process
pre site selection
Why MEP / IT Test Fit?

We add value to your prospective tenant by providing:

  • Ability to Accelerate Schedule
  • Accurate MEP / IT Budgeting
  • Ability to Avoid Future State Surprises
  • Validation of Conceptual and Logical Designs
  • More TI Dollars
  • Data Driven Decision Making
What Is Included?

Inventory & Requirements

  • Review of Base Building Systems
    • Flexibility and Reliability of Existing Systems
    • Need for Relocation of Systems vs. Best Location for Computer Room
    • Future State Recommendations
  • Cooling
    • Report on Availability of Base Building Systems
    • Availability of After-Hours or Emergency Systems and Associated Costs
    • Future State Recommendations
  • Back-up Power
    • Report on Availability of Base Building Service
    • Need for Tenant Provided Service
    • Future State Recommendations
  • Review Prospective Tenant’s Existing Budget (if there is one)
  • Provide Budget for all Hardware/Software Tenant Would Need to Get Upgraded to Support New Workspace
  • Provide Budget for New IT Systems/Technologies for the New Space such as: Voice, Video, Wireless, Network Security, Physical Security, A/V, Storage, LAN/WAN, Collaboration
  • Provisioning and Migration Planning
  • Co-Location and/or Data Center Requirements Discovery and Design, Facilities BID Solicitation and Management
  • Task Specific Migration Development and Plan
  • Implementation Project Management and Coordination
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