Reedy Creek Administration Building, HVAC Upgrades

Orange County, Lake Buena Vista, FL

This project included design of a major renovation within an operational administration building for a jurisdictional agency. The project was completed successfully with zero downtime and zero change orders while doing a replacement of the entire HVAC system. For this project, RTM was tasked with complete MEP engineering services from an initial study through design to construction.

Project Highlights RTM was engaged by the client to understand cooling and heating issues, and investigate why compressors on existing HVAC systems continued to fail. The existing/old system was designed as a cold air distribution system with outside standard “off-the-shelf” DX split systems. Duct system design was drastically reduced in size since the cold air distribution system would theoretically allow for less air at a colder temperature to satisfy the load. It was evident that the outside equipment was not manufactured for this application and, therefore, was not able to produce the cold air the original engineer had envisioned. Furthermore, the type of system (DX) used was an improper application for this type of building.

RTM designed a new chilled water system with new custom air handlers to be able to fit into the mechanical rooms. Shortly after the original building was completed, the entire all-glass building was fitted with interior window shades, which were reportedly always closed in an attempt to reduce heat gain. The calculations proved that the building would require additional window tinting to become a true “low-e” installation, keep existing smaller sized duct systems and allow the new system to properly cool the space. RTM worked with 3M manufacturers to properly select a tinting that would maintain the architectural integrity of the glass building while allowing radiant heat to be blocked. The project was phased and completed to allow the new systems to be installed without a single staff personnel to be displaced during occupational periods.

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