North/South Building Projectors

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

RTM provided infrastructure for the installation and connection of a total of 40 high output projectors across four locations in the north and south buildings. Typical projectors were mounted at “Turkey Tail” glass feature / escalator entrance at the main level of the north building (two each) and south building (two each). At each location, the projectors were mounted in a newly designed decorative enclosure at the lobby bridge soffit. Two projectors were mounted within each escalator adjacent wall. For this project, RTM was tasked with complete prime consultant design services, including project management, electrical engineering, and architectural/structural design through subconsultants. This project was performed through a continuing services contract.


Project Highlights RTM worked with Rhodes and Brito Architects to develop a compartment to house several projectors that would display advertisement signage. The dimensions of the projectors were coordinated along with electrical and A/V components to be housed within the enclosure. RTM visited the site and determined points of connection for IT infrastructure and power. Design work was coordinated with the facilities group to ensure requirements were met. The project was completed on a very fast paced schedule to allow a major show to take place utilizing the new projectors. The project is currently in the bidding/construction phase.

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