RTM has provided MEP/FP engineering for all types and sizes of industrial projects, including printing plants, food processing facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. We design the systems not only for the core and shell of facilities, but also for the internal systems, such as high-speed conveyors and cranes. Additionally, we perform short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies and electrical safety training to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

Although the complexity of an industrial facility varies depending on its intended use, RTM treats each industrial project as “mission critical.” We understand that any loss in production due to design or construction delays will incur costly consequences. RTM delivers responsive consultation and provides redundancy in our designs to create an efficient and reliable process for our clients.


  • Conducting a thorough survey
  • Interviewing key facility staff
  • Identifying major costs
  • Providing accurate, reliable budgets
  • Mitigating impact of any required shutdown or loss of power
  • Adhering to code requirements
  • Planning for the future
  • Identifying and obtaining focus on energy or other utilities incentives