Hotels consist of a variety of different spaces that necessitate varying mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements. RTM’s team of engineers designs optimized systems to produce comfortable and adaptable environments for guests while maintaining brand standards and low operating costs for the hotel.

In the hospitality industry, it’s important to keep the larger picture in mind, especially when it comes to evaluating systems in aging facilities. By conducting complete MEP system audits, RTM identifies solutions to the current problems as well as addresses future needs to create cost effective and energy efficient designs.

RTM partners with clients to ensure restoration is done correctly, is up to date with the latest technology, and conforms to brand standards while still maintaining the vintage integrity.

We recognize the financial realities of a major capital investment and consult on different approaches to achieve the right design in the desired budget. RTM makes it a priority to work with local utility companies to obtain all applicable rebates for energy saving upgrades as another way to lessen the financial burden on the client.


  • Conducting a thorough survey
  • Interviewing key facility staff
  • Identifying major costs
  • Providing accurate, reliable budgets
  • Mitigating impact of any required shutdown or loss of power
  • Adhering to code requirements
  • Planning for the future
  • Identifying and obtaining focus on energy or other utilities incentives