MEP Systems


Leveraging extensive healthcare expertise, the paper examines key factors in designing a protected environment for patients and healthcare providers.

RTM Engineering Consultants, a trusted engineering consulting partner to some of the nation’s most respected architectural firms and Fortune 500 companies, recently released a whitepaper addressing the importance of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), and fire protection (FP) systems in MRI suites. Having designed and created engineering solutions for more than 75 clients, RTM’s healthcare portfolio proudly encompasses 500+ projects throughout the United States.

“Our expertise sets our team apart and more importantly, allows healthcare professionals to focus on their first priority – their patients,” said RTM CEO Tony Mirchandani. “Effective MEP/FP design is critical for healthcare facilities and given the strength of MRI equipment and the important part that MRIs play in healthcare, we take a leading role in helping clients effectively design MRI suites.”

The whitepaper delves into mechanical system requirements related to temperature sensitivity, humidity, and air pressure. It also drills down on electrical systems and the importance of protecting sensitive equipment and keeping MRIs online and operational, regardless of power outages or interferences. MRI suites require unique plumbing and fire protection systems and the paper underscores the importance of meeting safety needs, while also accommodating the equipment’s well-defined specifications.

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