In today’s safety conscious environment, there is growing concern regarding arc flash hazards. Because an arc flash event can expel large amounts of deadly energy with temperatures reaching as high as 35 thousand degrees Fahrenheit, it has become imperative that facility owners take safety precautions to prevent such dangerous events. Having sometimes deadly or disabling consequences for workers as well as costing business owners millions per case for treatment of injuries, arc flash safety can sometimes become an insurance issue for facilities as well.

RTM Engineering Consultants has found that buildings owners sometimes don’t fully understand what an arc flash study is or why it is important. This is why our main goal in creating a safe work environment can be achieved by not only providing an arc flash study and analysis for facilities, but also providing life safety training and education to facility staff and maintenance workers. To learn more about arc flash hazards and how RTM can help you to provide a safe work environment, download our guide below.

  • Site survey to verify existing conditions of electrical panels
  • Provide up to date one line diagram of electrical distribution system
  • Develop floor plan depicting panel locations and create electrical equipment summary including name, description, location,
    voltage, panel source, and source branch.
  • Perform short circuit, over current protection coordination and arc flash study per IEEE Standard 1584
  • Provide report for each study
  • Provide one-line diagram depicting fault current and arc flash levels
  • Provide list of recommended circuit breaker settings
  • Provide and install necessary arc flash labels for all electrical equipment
  • Provide electrical safety training to facility staff and maintenance workers